A Grandparent's Vocation Prayer

Gracious God,
source of all life, thank you for the amazing gift of our grandchildren.
Help these precious young people appreciate the wonders of creation
and understand how much our world needs their prayer and their service.

Dear Jesus,
beloved redeemer and brother,
awaken in them a deep sense of gratitude for the gift of faith.
May they feel proud and privileged to be called to follow you and live the Gospel.

Oh Holy Spirit,
fire of love, inspire them to share their light with others.
Open their hearts to explore ordained and religious life.
Keep them centered in Christ in single life and in marriage.

May our grandchildren learn from the wisdom of their parents and call
on their patron saints to guide their choices in life.
May they experience the powerful strength of faith and the lasting joy of serving others.

Sustain us as grandparents in your grace as we cherish each new day.
Help us remember that how we live affects how they will live.
United in faith, hope and charity, we pray.
Prayer: Margaret A. Paluch, Grandmother